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About Us

CigarSpots blows rings around the competition by providing access to the finest cigars in Orange County, Calif., in a manner that fits your active lifestyle.

Order cigars using our easy-to-use website for delivery in the greater O.C., or pick up your product at any of our convenient CigarSpots locations. For a more leisurely, hands-on experience, browse the largest selection of cigars in our flagship Lake Forest and Orange lounges.

From the Atabey-Brujos of Costa Rica to the Zola of Nicaragua, CigarSpots has you covered from A to Z.

Our Story

A serial entrepreneur, a technologist, a plumbing sales specialist, and a life-long tobacconist walk into a cigar bar. The entrepreneur orders…

Um, no, that's not right...

Take one part problem solver, add in one part MacGyver, sprinkle one part customer service expertise, and a generous helping of cigar retail experience and what do you get?

<MovieGuyVoiceOn>In a world where social distancing is the norm, comes the heroes nobody expected but certainly the ones you all deserve. Rising from the ashes of a society devastated by a global pandemic, CigarSpots has come to deliver the cigar smoker from stale, mail-order cigars.</EndMovieGuyVoice>

But seriously, Ladies and Germs, CigarSpots is here to serve our community of cigar smoking brothers and sisters by providing timely delivery and pickup of premium cigars to the far corners of Orange County. Leveraging a combined 30-plus years of experience as tobacconists, more than 50 years of cutting edge experience in technology, and more than 100 years of good humor (it’s subjective), we are marrying these different avocations to provide you a great stick for special occasions (or a handful to get you through the week).

So join us and continue the legacy of the great cigar guys. Groucho. Elvis. Arnold. And maybe one day, you’ll be known by one name, too. Like Jeff. And Neil. And James. They know who they are.

4,000 Cigars. Moments Away.

Easy Pickup Steps

  • Set Your Pickup Store

    Set Your Pickup Store

    Simply choose your nearest store by your Zip code.

  • Order Cigars Online

    Order Cigars Online

    Find your favorite cigars and pay for them online.

  • Pickup at Your Store

    Pickup at Your Store

    Enjoy your smoke as quick as 30 min by picking it up at your store.

The Team

Passionate brothers of the leaf all, these are the driving force behind bringing CigarSpots to a deserving audience of cigar aficionados fans.

We want to share out passion and brotherhood those that are equally passionate about this past-time as well as expose new consumers of premium cigars to a unique experience in purchasing their favorite sticks.

Chad Meisinger
Chad Meisinger Co-Founder/Chief Smoking Officer
"Budz" Bedwan
"Budz" Bedwan Co-Founder/Chief Cigar Curator
Michael Gibbs
Michael Gibbs Geek/Master of Knobs and Wires
Joshua Child
Joshua Child Operator/Hand of the King(s)
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Ronald McLaughlin
Ronald McLaughlin Controller/Keeper of the Coin
Man smoking a cigar

“Smoking cigars is like falling in love. First, you are attracted by its shape; you stay for its flavor, and you must always remember never, never to let the flame go out!” - Winston Churchill

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Are you really delivering cigars?

Yes indeed! We are working with PostMates to ensure that your cigars are hand-delivered to you to ensure the safety of your product as well as ensure compliance with age registrictions around tobacco products.

I live in <insert city name>, can I still get cigars delivered to me?

Well, for right now, if <insert city name> is in Orange County, CA, then yes, we can accommodate your delivery request. If you live outside this area, we can still accept your order for pickup (if you are travelling to our fair part of the country) or for shipping right to your doorstep. Our goal is to expand our operational area as demand grows so join our mailing list (found at the bottom of this page) in order to stay on top of the latest developments in the CigarSpots story!

What a great concept, why didn't someone thing of this already?

Hard to say but we are happy to bring this concept to reality. If all goes well, we'll be expanding our service area as quickly as demand dictates so tell your friends or leave us a review on Google/Yelp/Facebook!

Can I get cigars sent to me on a regular basis?

Of course you can. We have marked our most popular cigars (and ones that we can keep in stock) as available for reoccurring purchase. Just select the Frequency at time of check out and your product will be shipped to you on a regular basis.

I'm looking for cigarettes/vapes/weed, do you deliver them?

In no uncertain terms: NEE, NET, NON, NEIN, OCHI, LOH, ʻAʻOLE, or just plain old NO!

Can you get me Cuban Cigars?

Again, that is a big ol' helping of NOPE. An executive order in 2014 made it legal for an individual in the US to bring Cuban cigars for personal use from their travels however this policy was reversed in September of 2020 by a subsequent administration. Since the original trade embargo was enacted in 1962, the importation and sale of Cuban cigars is illegal in the United States.

Still Have Questions?

We get it; questions happen. Please visit Contact Us page to let us know all your concerns, or just directly email us at

Man smoking a cigar

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